Is this website secure?

Yes, we use https and the highest levels of security. Our credit card provider,, uses the highest levels also, and is PCI compliant.

How should I go about getting the story written? How am I going to get it to the book?

We created a guide for writing the story and preparing your photos. Click here.

Who are you? Who is publishing this?

We are JP Media LLC, located in Iola, WI, just north of Waupaca and in the middle of one of the best deer-hunting counties in the world. We were the winners of the Small Business Association (SBA) 2017 Jeffrey Butland Small Family-Owned Business Award. Learn more about us here.

Is this one book per state or one book for the entire country?

“That depends” is the short answer. It will depend on our sales in this first year.

Can I write about …

No matter how you finish that, the answer is Yes. You can write about almost anything deer-hunting related.

Can outfitters / farms / etc. be included?

People who hunt at them can list themselves with a Story. Outfitters who want a Page should contact us directly using the contact form. We plan a special place in the book for you, but it will be considered advertising, not editorial.