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Option 1: 1/6th Page Photo

Get 1/6th of a page including 1 or 2 photos plus their captions, plus a copy of the book itself, for $54.95.

You can write your own caption up to 50 words and it can be about anything you want — one hunter, two hunters, or the entire camp (from ANY season). We’ll even help you write it!

This 1/6th Page Photo includes either two side-by-side square pictures or one larger picture. Use the 2-image option for anything you want — a hunter who shot two deer, two hunters with one each, the deer on the left and the mount on the right, etc. Or simply use one, larger photo.

$54.95 (Includes 1 book)

There will be six Photos on a page. You can have two square photos alongside each other, or one larger horizontal or vertical photo.

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Click on a picture for Photo examples and ideas

Option 2: Full Page in the book

Put up to six pictures and 250 words onto an entire Page of the book for $99.95. And you can either write the story yourself, or just ask for help and we’ll have an editor speak with you!

Camp Page: Chronicle a hunting camp’s season, or summarize the past few seasons or the all-time history, all at once.

Tall Tale Page: Write a story about a great hunt or moment, perhaps the buck you chased for years.

Legacy Page: Chronicle a great memory from the distant past or honor a great hunting mentor or partner.

$99.95 (Includes 1 book)

Example of a Book Page.

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Option 3: Buy the book

Maybe you already know your friends and family have pictures in the book, or maybe you want to read the hunting stories and keep a book on your end table or in your cabin. This is your choice if you don’t need to buy anything but the book itself.

$44.95 (book only)

Get a printed book that will last forever. Pass it to your children. Keep it at the cabin. Read other hunters’ stories.

Imagine if you had a book like this every year since you started hunting. Do you have a printed reference like this now?

I’m in! What do I do next?

  1. Find your photos. Use photos that have the person and the deer large in the frame (not far away). Recommended: Email them to yourself, then proceed on your computer or your tablet.

  2. 1/6th Page Photo: Either type a story of 50 words OR just answer a few questions when you’re uploading your photos and we’ll write it for you.
    Full Page: Either write 250 words, perhaps in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, or just upload your photos and their short captions and ask us for a phone call to write your story for you.
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